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Now that we are into the spring near summer the rodent calls have slowed down and the Bee calls have started, as a Bee keeper I have a great knowledge of the many Bee species we have in this country and their behaviour, I can come and advise on the best option for Bees that may be infesting your home and choosing to make it a hive.

Regarding rodents such as mice and rats, it is better to call sooner rather than leave it as there will soon be more than one and the work required to control the problem of mice and rats or any other pest for that matter increases. Humane methods used by property proofing and pest exclusion where possible.

NO VAT CHARGED, DBS Checked and cleared for pest control work in Domestic and commercial properties, Schools, Hospitals, Care Homes and Nursery’s.

Confirmed price when booking with no extras (see the reviews)

Payments can be made by Bacs online transfer, Card, Cheques, or Cash.

The Guy family have been in the pest control business since the 1970 s offering pest control services to Bexhill and all surrounding areas including Battle, Robertsbridge, Cooden, Hastings, St Leonards, Ninfield, Catsfield, Eastbourne, Pevensey, Westham, Crowhurst and others please call to confirm

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The advice on catch and release is clear from the government 

“It’s an offence to keep or release some wild animals, for example grey squirrels – you must kill them humanely if you catch them alive”.   

“You can be fined or imprisoned if you cause unnecessary harm to any animal.”

Is taken from the Government website. We work under these conditions and comply with all the guidelines provided to support the environment and it’s management.

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