Prices & Payment Details

Treatment Prices for Alert Pest Control Bexhill:

Wasp Nest: From £65 (call for a confirmed price, possible reductions) £25 each additional nest at the same property address

Bees: £* 

Successful Rodent control normally requires 2 or 3 visits (although if exclusion is possible on the first visit we will do this), on our first visit we will survey the area and agree the best way forward for you and your property.  We will then agree the price for the second and third visit, it is normally £120 for 2 visits (if required) so you are clear on the cost for each visit going forwards.

What is the cost for wasp nest removal?  We can and do remove nests but this is rarely required and would increase the cost to you as it requires a second visit. If the nest is small it may be possible to relocate a wasp nest to a safe area.  I have successfully managed this in the past.

Fleas: From £70

Ants: From £60

Mice: From £60 

Rats:  From £60 (Garden only £45)

Follow up visits £60

Squirrels:  From £120 (up to 3  Squirrels)

Pigeons:  Call for a confirmed price

Woodlice: Call for a confirmed price

Seagulls: Price on survey/inspection

Other pests please call for advice and pricing

We are a family business that will be fair with our pricing.

* Bee work can be complex and not always easy to price from the outset.

Banking & Payment Details:

Santander: Alert 2020 Services Ltd, 

Sort Code 09-01-28, 

Acc No 04850211

Registered Company Number 07712638, 


We accept all major credit cards

If making payment online please use your address or surname, visit report number or company name as the reference.

Please make cheques payable to “Alert 2020 Services Ltd”

Please be aware that all outstanding debts will be processed through the government approved system.

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